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Faculty and Physician Wellness FAQ

  • What makes Faculty & Physician Wellness Program unique?

    The Faculty & Physician Wellness Program is unique because it has a two-part assessment process. Each client sees a licensed clinician and one of our consulting psychiatrists.

  • Who can use this service?

    All Vanderbilt faculty, physicians and housestaff who are governed by the Vanderbilt Faculty Manual are eligible for services. Spouses are also eligible.

  • Where are you located?

    1211 21st Avenue South, Suite 010, in the basement of the Medical Arts Building.

  • How do I make an appointment?

    Call 615-936-1327.

  • What hours are you available?

    The office is open 8 am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. Our consulting psychiatrists are available at a variety of appointment times. Extended hour appointments are available, occasionally.

  • How much does it cost?

    All services through Work/Life Connections-EAP are an employee benefit provided at no additional cost.

  • How many counseling sessions do I have available?

    Counseling/coaching and psychiatry services for the Faculty and Physician Wellness Program are meant to be short-term and solution-focused. The number of sessions depends upon the time needed to assess and address the presenting problem. Most people see improvement within 4 sessions or less. If ongoing, longer-term therapy or medication mangement is needed, the EAP counselor will provide community referrals based upon specific needs and insurance coverage.

  • What kinds of issues do people talk about?

    Faculty and physicians have demanding jobs with unique stressors in their personal and professional lives. Work/life balance, stress, and relationship concerns are common topics of discussion.

  • What happens in the first session?

    You will complete paperwork and meet with a licensed counselor. A meeting will also be set up with one of the Faculty & Physician Wellness Program psychiatrists. Together we'll develop a plan to address your concerns.

  • How confidential is this service?
    The Faculty & Physician Wellness Program is a confidential service. No information will be released without your written consent except in cases required by law, such as imminent danger to self or others. Our records are not kept in StarPanel.
  • As a Chair, Dean or Department Manager, how can I refer someone to the Faculty & Physician Wellness Program?

    To discuss the need for referral to the Faculty & Physician Wellness Program, a call should be made to Work/Life Connections-EAP office at 936-1327. Some additional information aboutManager Referralscan be located here.