Health and Wellness

Weight Management Programs

Fit vs. Fat: What Matters More?

Michael Wigger, an Exercise Physiologist for the Center of Medical Weight Loss, sits down and talks to Teera about different factors that are taken into account when treating someone for obesity.

Know Your Numbers

Keep track of your blood pressure, weight and body mass index at locations on and off the main Vanderbilt campus.

Setting a Weight Loss Goal

You have a Body Mass Index (BMI) equal to or more than 25.0 and have decided now is the time to lose weight. Learn what Health Plus offers to help you achieve your goal.

Vanderbilt Healthier You

The Vanderbilt Healthier You is a personalized weight management program offered jointly by the Occupational Health Clinic, Health Plus, and Work/Life Connections-EAP.

Vanderbilt Nutrition Clinic Adult Weight Management Program

Learn more about the individualized approach the Vanderbilt Nutrition Clinic offers for their Adult Weight Management Program.

Vanderbilt’s Weight Watchers at Work Program

Vanderbilt’s Weight Watchers at Work Program Stacey Kendrick, MS, Coordinator of Health Promotion at Health Plus, discusses Weight Watchers at Work with Beth Dunaway, Vanderbilt’s contact person for the program. Listen to learn why the program might be right for you, how you can start a program in your department and about the discount Health...

Walking Routes on Campus

Use any of the walking routes on campus as a guide.