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Am I Blue or Am I Really Depressed?

Am I Blue or Am I Really Depressed? Chad Buck, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and EAP Counselor, and Sharone Franco, MD, Board Certified Psychiatrist, discuss the symptoms of depression, when to obtain an assessment and the benefits of therapy and medication. The self-assessment tool is to help Vanderbilt faculty/staff, students, and their family members better understand...

Anger in the Workplace

As human beings, we are each subject to a range of emotions from elation to rage. While anger is a normal human emotion, it is important to express anger in healthy ways that are appropriate in the workplace setting.

Anger Management

Most of us have times when we feel frustrated, irritable, or grouchy. People tend to prefer these terms to describe how they are feeling rather than acknowledging the actual feeling – anger.


Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. It may signal a tense situation in the office, encourage one to study harder for an exam, or remind us to keep focused on an important speech. In general, it helps one cope. But when anxiety becomes excessive so that we have an irrational dread of everyday situations; it becomes a disabling disorder.

Assess Your Stress

Chad Buck, Ph.D., EAP Counselor, will discuss WLC-EAP's new online Stress Self Assessment and the benefits of early identification and intervention.


Our attitude drives our behavior. This is the foundation for resilience; the way we view the world.

Boost Your Mental Health and Well-being

Chad Buck, PhD, shares six strategies to boost mood, build resilience, and increase happiness.

Building Resilience: Turning Challenges Into Success

Each of us faces challenges and unexpected events in our lives. Some are invigorating; some are devastating. The key is how well we are able to cope with life’s surprises. Resilience is our capacity to adjust to changes and challenges in our life, as well as the ability to "spring back” emotionally after dealing with a difficult and stressful time.

Caregiver Burnout

Learn how to prevent caregiver burnout and find resources to assist you in that role.

Checklist for New Family Caregivers

If you're new to caregiving, this checklist can help you learn more about how to cope with the new responsibilities you have.

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