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2016 Fitness Trends

Learn the difference between a fitness fad and trend. Brad Awalt discusses ACSM's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2016.

Adding Swimming To Your Fitness Routine

Learn the many benefits of swimming and how to get started!

Back Injuries: Do Back Belts Help?

Dr. NK Singh discusses with Teera why back belts offer a false sense of security and how it's better to do core strengthening instead. Dr. Singh is the an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt Orthopedics Sports Medicine.

Bicycle Commuting

Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students are commuting to campus by bike or foot more than ever before. Commuting into work has many benefits including less traffic, no parking hassles, a smaller carbon footprint, and best of all – a great way to be physically active

Boost Your Mental Health and Well-being

Chad Buck, PhD, shares six strategies to boost mood, build resilience, and increase happiness.

Can A Person Drink Too Much Coffee?

​Interview with a registered dietitian about the effects of too much coffee and how to safely reduce caffeine and calorie intake.

Choosing a Pedometer

Learn how to select good pedometers.

Choosing Appropriate Shoes

View techniques on choosing the best athletic shoes for your workout.

Controlling Cardiovascular Disease During American Heart Month

Dr. Glazer shares facts and how to reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

Eat. Move. Feel.

The Eat. Move. Feel. webpage includes a variety of resources that can be helpful in working toward a healthy weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

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