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Blood Pressure Management

Blood Pressure Checks

Occupational Health Clinic offers blood pressure checks on a walk in basis. There is also a self check blood pressure station in the Courtyard Cafe.

Blood Pressure Management

Management of blood pressure is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Learn how Health Plus can help.

Controlling Cardiovascular Disease During American Heart Month

Dr. Glazer shares facts and how to reduce risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

High Blood Pressure? Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic Can Help

High blood pressure increases risk for stroke and heart disease. Dr. Cheryl Laffer, Director of Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic, discusses disease prevalence and how the Hypertension Clinic can provide services to help.

Know Your Numbers

Keep track of your blood pressure, weight and body mass index at locations on and off the main Vanderbilt campus.

Put Your Best Fork Forward: Food Choices for a Healthier Lifestyle

Melinda Mahoney, RD, inspires us to make small eating habit changes for a healthier lifestyle.

Salt: Are You Getting Too Much?

Salt: Are You Getting Too Much? Stacey Kendrick is joined by Vanderbilt Dietetic Interns Karmen Meyer and Amanda Miller for a discussion on the new American Heart Association recommendations on salt intake. Learn easy ways to cut back on salt in your diet without sacrificing flavor. Download tips for flavoring foods without the salt.

Understanding Your Blood Pressure

To have a healthy heart, start with the basics: what's your blood pressure?