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Work/Life Connections

Mindfulness Over Matter

Janet McCutchen discusses mindfulness as a discipline to ground us to the present moment.

Insight and Resources for the Family Caregiver

Stacey Bonner provides information and strategies for family caregivers.

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence

Lt. Leshaun Oliver discusses intimate partner violence and how to help yourself and support others.

Supporting Survivors of Suicide

Learn supportive skills to use when dealing with a person who has lost someone through suicide.

What Do I Say When Someone is Talking about Suicide?

Suicide can be an anxiety-provoking topic. This article will help to alleviate some of the unknown and answer common questions about how to manage the difficult topic of suicide.

New Look Coming For The Health & Wellness Website

The Health & Wellness website is getting a new look.

Managing Personal Wellness While Supporting Others

Ellen Clark, LCSW, discusses wellness strategies for those who help others.

WLC-EAP Begins “What Do I Say When…” Series

​Have you ever experienced a situation where you were not sure what to say? Do you worry about saying the wrong thing at the wrong time?

Why Gratitude is Good

Why Gratitude is Good Mark Forrester, the Vanderbilt University Chaplain and Director of Religious Life, offers ideas about the purpose of gratitude in anyone’s life and why practicing it is a good choice for our health. Begin Transcript Welcome to this edition of the Vanderbilt Health and Wellness Wellcast. I’m Rosemary Cope with Work/Life Connections....

Yes I Survived Cancer, But That Doesn’t Define Me

Resources and support available to people and families who are affected by cancer.

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