Health and Wellness

Services for Staff

Post-Traumatic Stress Self-Assessment

When a person experiences, witnesses, or is confronted with an event or situation that involves actual or threatened death, serious injury, or a threat to the physical integrity of self or others, he or she can experience fear, helplessness, and horror. PTSD results when effects of exposure to a traumatic event persist beyond one month following the event.

Professional Assistance Programs

Physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have requirements for addressing professionals who are impaired. Professional Assistance Programs provide an alternative to losing one’s license for the impaired professional who gets treatment and complies with their guidelines.

Recovery Support Services

It is estimated that one out of every ten employees in the workplace has a substance abuse problem at some time in their lives. The good news is that addictions are treatable. The Recovery Support Services of Work/Life Connections-EAP offer resources for faculty, staff and supervisors when alcohol, drug abuse or other behavioral addictions and compulsions are a concern.

Social Connections

One method of increasing stress resilience is to build a social support network. This can be a challenge if you are new to a community. We have developed this list to help you begin to identify some ways that people meet others in Nashville.

Solution-Focused Counseling

Work/Life Connections-EAP counselors serve as "travel agents for psychological support services." Faculty and staff come to the Work/Life Connections-EAP for a wide range of reasons, both personal and workplace related.

Stress Self-Assessment

Stress is a common experience for most people. There are more positive forms of stress, such as getting married, having a child, or moving into a new home. There are also less positive forms of stress, such as increased job demands, financial difficulties, or time pressures. Regardless of how positive stress can be, it can take a toll on a person's overall functioning.

The Faculty and Staff Hardship Fund

The Faculty and Staff Hardship Fund was established in 1994 to financially assist Vanderbilt faculty and staff who are experiencing a temporary hardship due to a significant life event. An award is intended to be a major step for the employee in the return to financial stability. Everyone who applies for the fund is clearly in financial distress and in need. The greatest difficulty in determining eligibility for an award is the determination of whether the employee is experiencing a temporary financial hardship or has chronic financial difficulty.

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