Health and Wellness

Keeping You Safe At Work

Vanderbilt Surveillance Program Screening Requirements

An individual's job and department determine what medical surveillance and/or job fitness exam is required. Compliance with these requirements is reported in the VPES system, the MyVandy Record of Compliance in OHS report, and in the Health and Wellnesss Informational Portal.

Varicella (Chicken Pox)

Chickenpox symptoms usually include fever and a generalized itchy blister type rash that will form crusts in a few days. This illness is usually caused by the varicella virus.

Violence in the Workplace

Vanderbilt is committed to ensuring the safety of its faculty, staff, patients, students, and visitors. We may not be able to prevent all workplace violence, but we can reduce violent incidents through training and safety planning.

Working While Pregnant

Three departments at Vanderbilt have safeguards in place to help you protect your unborn baby while at work. These departments include Occupational Health, Vanderbilt Environmental Health and Safety, and Vanderbilt Infection Control and Prevention.

Working with Animals

Workers who handle animals may be exposed to zoonotic diseases, and have an increased risk of developing allergies. Occcupational Health provides programs to protect workers from these unique hazards.

Working With Formaldehyde

Exposure to formaldehyde or formalin carries health risks, so a medical monitoring program and prompt treatment for overexposures are important safeguards.

Working with Radioactive Iodine

Radiation monitoring is important when caring for patients receiving radioactive iodine, to ensure that staff are not overexposed to radiation.

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