Health and Wellness

The Manager’s Toolbox

Critical Incident Strain

It is not uncommon for healthcare or emergency workers to request some type of critical incident stress management services following an acute incident which they label as being particularly stressful for them. In the 1980′s, firefighters and paramedics began recognizing "Critical Incident Stress" as a potential hazard of their work.

Dealing with Upset People

In our business, we work with people who are sick, hurt and often scared. Because of this, people may become upset with us. Usually problems encountered are not the result of intentional actions we take.

Having Difficult Conversations

As a manager, part of your job is having difficult conversations with employees, customers and your manager. Few people enjoy having these difficult conversations. Feedback is a gift. It helps the individual know what is expected and how they are performing according to those guidelines.

Helping Employees Who Need Medical Care

Managers can tell employees about Faculty/Staff Express Care as one option for treatment of non-work-related minor illnesses.

Managing an Employee with a Work-related Injury

Occupational Health provides guidance to supervisors in managing an injured employee.

TB Skin Testing in Your Department

The Occupational Health Clinic (OHC) has many opportunities to help faculty and staff complete their TB skin test. Departments may also have TB Designees within their department place, read, and record TB skin tests for fellow Vanderbilt employees. To become a TB Designee, eligible staff must complete the TB Skin Testing Class. TB skin test...

Verifying Compliance

The Record of Compliance in OHC report, available on the MyVandy portal, is an easy way for supervisors to monitor their employees' compliance status.

What to do When an Employee Calls in Sick

For absences of 3 days or fewer, employees may take sick time without a doctor's note. If your employee is out more than 3 consecutive days, notify the employee that the condition might qualify for FMLA.

What to Do When an Employee Comes to Work Sick

Certain symptoms and conditions should be referred to Occupational Health for evaluation.