Health and Wellness

Living Healthy, Feeling Good

Driving While Distracted

Distracted driving can put yourself and others in danger. Learn techniques to avoid the distractions.

Eat Right with Healthy Bites

Today more faculty and staff are requesting healthy foods at meetings, in vending and at campus retail options. In order to facilitate faculty and staff in maintaining or taking up healthy eating, Vanderbilt has a special initiative called Healthy Bites.

Eat. Move. Feel.

The Eat. Move. Feel. webpage includes a variety of resources that can be helpful in working toward a healthy weight or maintaining a healthy weight.

Eating Like a Caveman

Learn about how the Paleo Diet compares to dietary guidelines.

Enjoying Vegetable Variety

Maximize the health benefits of vegetables by learning to prepare and enjoy a wide variety.

Establishing Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Each year, the start of a new year allows us to reflect upon our lives and ourselves. It involves looking back and focusing forward on the coming year. What do we need? What will we change? Where do we want to be?


Fatigue is physical and/or mental exhaustion. It can lead to accidents at work, at home or on the road. While often used interchangeably, sleepiness and fatigue are not the same thing.

Feeding Your Feelings: How Emotions Affect Eating Habits

What's the connection between food and feelings? Why do we crave certain foods? What's the difference between physical and emotional hunger?

Food & Energy Balance

Learn the basics of food and energy balance for living healthy and feeling good.

Forming A Walking Club In Your Department

Learn how to form a walking club in your department.

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