Health and Wellness

Living Healthy, Feeling Good

Adding Swimming To Your Fitness Routine

Learn the many benefits of swimming and how to get started!

Ask the Dietitian

Ask the Dietitian is a feature in the Faculty and Staff Health and Wellness bi-monthly Connection newsletter. Read about a variety of nutrition related topics from previous newsletter issues. Why is breakfast important? Where can I find websites that have healthy recipes? Can fruits and vegetables lower cholesterol? How can I maintain my weight during...

Benefits of Breakfast

Fuel your mind and body for the day with breakfast. Learn more about how easy and important this first meal of the day really is.

Bicycle Commuting

Vanderbilt faculty, staff and students are commuting to campus by bike or foot more than ever before. Commuting into work has many benefits including less traffic, no parking hassles, a smaller carbon footprint, and best of all – a great way to be physically active

Blood Pressure Management

Management of blood pressure is vital to living a healthy lifestyle. Learn how Health Plus can help.

Body Fat Percentage

Have your body fat percentage checked at Health Plus. Maintaining a healthy body fat percentage has many benefits.

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Body Mass Index or BMI is a number calculated from a person’s body weight and height.

Cancer Prevention

View best practices, what routine examinations are needed, and what services are offered to assist you with cancer prevention.

Cholesterol Facts

Learn the best practices for keeping your cholesterol within the recommended ranges and how Health Plus can help.

Choosing a Pedometer

Learn how to select good pedometers.

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