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Facing Life’s Challenges


All of us at some point or another have put off a task we needed to complete. Those tasks can range from doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom to revising a grant application or finishing a manuscript. A little procrastination is to be expected, however, recurrent or chronic procrastination can have significant effects on work and relationships.

Psychological Effects of Recent Violent Events

Social media and news coverage of shootings, bombings, protests, sexual assaults, and other events has been graphic and intense.

Resilience Skill Development

It would be great if everyone was born with a full repertoire of traits and skills for resilience. Since we are not, it is reassuring to know that with practice and training we can learn the behaviors, attitudes and skills necessary to increase our ability to spring back from challenges.

Signs of a Battering Personality

If your spouse or significant other displays a combination of these behaviors, he may be a potential batterer.

Signs, Effects, and Recovery Support for Eating Disorders

According to National Eating Disorders Association, as many as 10 million females and 1 million males in the United States suffer from anorexia or bulimia, and millions more struggle with binge eating disorder. The American Dietetic Association suggests that prevalence statistics such as these may be underestimates due to patients going undetected, clinically, and the secretive behaviors associated with these disorders. Regardless, eating disorders are life-threatening illnesses that are difficult to treat and have complex and varied symptom profiles.

Simple Ways to Save Money on Utility Bills

Do you want to pay less money monthly for the utilities in your home? If the current cost for all your utilities is $200 a month, then saving 10% will save you $240 a year. A conscientious effort applied daily could save you more than that.

Staying Ahead of Your Creditors

Few stressors in life are more distressing than having creditors calling and then feeling out of control because your spending has exceeded your income. It is overwhelming! Trouble with debt cuts across all social strata from doctors, professors, lawyers to clerks and food service employees. Those who make over $100,000 annually and those who live...

Stress and Job Loss

A job is not who we are but rather what we do. It doesn’t speak to your attributes as a person, as a friend, as a partner or as a parent. Nevertheless, the loss of a job feels devastating.

Stress Resilience

Stress can be good or it can be bad. Good stress is motivating, but bad stress is depleting. There are many ways to manage stress in order to lead more productive and less hectic lives.

Surviving Grief During the Holidays

The holiday season brings an onslaught of media messages that say that this is "the happiest, most joyful time of the year." Holiday songs convey this message. Magazine covers extol the fun of decorating, cooking, and family gatherings. Consumers are pursued relentlessly to buy, buy, buy, and get that perfect gift. The holiday bar is set high. So why is it that many people find the holidays stressful, lonely, sad, and depressing?

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