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Occupational Health Clinic
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Occupational Health Clinic

We’ve Got You Covered!

Open Enrollment is October 17-31, 2012. Remember to choose your coverage preferences for you AND your family.

MRI Screening Questionnaire

Employees who work in close proximity to MRI magnets are screened to identify any metal implants, fragments or devices that could be adversely affected by the magnet.

New Latent TB Treatments Now Available

An overview of the new expansion of CDC recommended treatments for people with latent TB.

Cigarette Use Down, But Other Tobacco Use Up

Vanderbilt Health and Wellness offers the QuitRx program which helps employees to stop the use of tobacco products.

Pertussis Epidemic in Washington State

An epidemic of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, is ongoing in Washington state. Over 2,000 cases have occurred in 2012 so far, which is up from 180 during the same period last year. Pertussis can strike infants, children and adults alike.

Feeling Sleepy? Grumpy? Or just Dopey? Go see Doc. It could be Sleep Apnea.

Information about how Sleep Apnea can affect your life.

Tick-borne Illness on the Rise in Middle Tennessee

A long, hot summer often brings an increase in tick and insect bites.

Workplace Fatigue in Healthcare Workers

Staying alert improves safety. Listen to our Wellcast and learn how to reduce fatigue at work.

Shots – Not Just Kid Stuff

Immunizations (or vaccinations) aren’t just for children. We all need shots to help protect us from serious diseases and illness.

Research and Implications of Workplace Fatigue

Find out how extended work hours or lack of sleep can affect your health and the health of others.

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