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All 3 Steps of Go for the Gold 2017 are Ready!


​We are excited to announce that all three steps of Go for the Gold are now available to complete!

You spoke and we listened… Changes have been make to simplify user experience!

Log in to the Health Plus Health Guide by clicking on “I am an Employee.”

Step 1: Complete the yearly Compass Health Assessment.

If you completed last year, be sure to click “Retake.”

Step 2: Complete 5 of 8 actions from the Wellness Actions Log.

Step 3: Watch Rest for Success, the 2017 Game Plan for Your Health Video.

After watching the video, you will need to log back in to the Health Plus Health Guide and document that you watched it to complete step 3.

Complete all three steps by October 31 to reach the GOLD level and earn up to $240 if you will be enrolled in the 2018 Vanderbilt health plan.

Need help with Go for the Gold? Contact Health Plus at 615-343-8943.

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