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Pertussis Vaccine Booster Now Required For Some Workers


​VUMC faculty and staff working in pediatrics, women’s health, and emergency departments have a new pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination requirement. The policy update, announced in MyVUMC on September 13, 2016, is targeted to areas where patients are at highest risk of having pertussis or dying from its complications. Pertussis poses the greatest risk to infants who have not yet completed their childhood vaccination series.

Pertussis is included in the childhood DTP and DTaP vaccines – but by adolescence, immunity can wear off. The CDC recommends that everyone age 11 and older also get one dose of the Tdap vaccine, which contains boosters for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis. After one Tdap, adults resume getting a plain Td (tetanus and diphtheria) booster every 10 years unless they have a specific risk factor for pertussis. (Pregnant women, for instance, are recommended to receive a booster dose of Tdap with each pregnancy.)

The VUMC requirement does not extend to routine Td boosters because only pertussis poses a risk in the healthcare setting – tetanus and diphtheria do not. Faculty and staff are considered compliant if they have received one dose of Tdap in their lifetime, and that vaccination record is on file with the Occupational Health Clinic.

To see whether OHC has a record of your Tdap vaccine, log in to the Health and Wellness Information Portal. Select your Occupational Health Record, and see if there is a completed Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis vaccine in your record. If you are in the group of employees covered by the new requirement, you will see a compliance status for Pertussis displayed on the Occupational Health Status page.

If you’ve received a Tdap vaccine from a VUMC clinic, click here to give OHC permission to view your medical record for the sole purpose of documenting Tdap vaccine compliance.

If you’ve received a Tdap vaccine from an outside vaccinating entity (e.g., a local drug store), click here to upload documentation from the outside vaccinating entity or fax your documentation to OHC at 615-936-0966.

To receive a Tdap vaccine, come to the Occupational Health Clinic or to one of our OHC Comes To You events.

To request an exemption, complete the necessary forms by clicking here.

For more information and FAQs visit OHC’s Tdap webpage.

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