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Financial Resilience



​Becoming fiscally stable requires income and a skillset to manage your financial resources. 70% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and 64% of Americans cannot cover an emergency of a thousand dollars without borrowing money. The average person owes nearly a quarter of each paycheck to consumer debts: student loans, credit cards, and car loans.

Work/Life Connections-EAP and SmartDollar, a Dave Ramsey financial education program, have paired up to pilot a program at Vanderbilt that offers a holistic approach to personal finance. The SmartDollar Program, an online financial wellness solution, strives to help employees get out of debt, create and follow a spending plan, and save for future needs such as retirement. The program is effective because it focuses on continued behavior change over time instead of quick fixes.

An employee creates a personalized user account and starts with a financial assessment. The program is a self-paced, on-line program that includes 7 hours of video lessons with a quiz at the end of each topic to highlight the key points. There are also financial help tools to aid in the journey. Your whole family can take the courses together. Your personal financial information remains confidential and is not shared with anyone at Vanderbilt.

Please visit the SmartDollar website to get an overview of what the program has to offer. If you are interested in pursuing your financial resilience through this 2016 pilot program opportunity, Enroll​ at the link provided. If you have any difficulty, email​ Work/Life Connections – EAP or call 615-936-1327 to receive your Vanderbilt employee enrollment information.

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