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Go for the Gold Wellness Credit

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Brad Awalt, Assistant Manager, Health Plus, talks about Go for the Gold and the Wellness Credit options.

For More Information our Go for the Gold home page.

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Laura Osterman       Welcome to this edition of the Vanderbilt University Health and Wellness Wellcast.  I am Laura Osterman with Health Plus.  I am here today with Brad Awalt, assistant manager of Health Plus.  Brad, can you tell us about the Go for the Gold program?

Brad Awalt:             The Go for the Gold program is a health incentive program that we have for Vanderbilt faculty and staff, the purpose of the program is to identify health risk and help people make improvements in their health,

Laura Osterman:      What do I need to do to complete my Go for the Gold?

Brad Awalt:             That’s a good question.  There are three components of the Go for the Gold program.  The first component is the health risk assessment that is a confidential health assessment that soon as you complete it online you get a report and that report can identify any health risk that she might have.  It can be used to make changes in your health if that’s something that you need.  The second step is a wellness actions log and that is also an online form, and that is a kind of an action plan to help us do healthy behaviors that that can have positive impacts on our health.  And the third step is the gain plan for your health.  That’s a video that you watch.  The topic changes from year to year, and it usually takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete, and then, there is a short quiz just to document that you participated in that game plan video.

Laura Osterman:      If I don’t pay for a Vanderbilt Health Plan, can I still participate in Go for the Gold?

Brad Awalt:             You still can participate in Go for the Gold.  You can do those three steps.  However, to receive the credit, you need to be benefits eligible as well as being enrolled in the Vanderbilt Health Plan.

Laura Osterman:      How can I use my credit?

Brad Awalt:             We have a change for 2014 and how the credit is paid out.  There’s actually going to be two options.  The first option is in the health plan account which money will be put there based on the level that you do and that money can be used to cover deductibles.  So, the credit of my amounts, if you do the Bronze level, that is a $120 and that’s just completing the Health Risk Assessment.  That will go on the health plan account.  Silver is $180, and that’s completing the Health Risk Assessment and the Wellness Actions Log.  And Gold is $240, and that’s completing the health risk assessment, the Wellness Actions Log, and the game plan for your health.  That money will be in the health plan account and that can be used for deductibles, not copays but deductibles and then possibly coinsurance.  You don’t have to do anything to initiate that.  Aetna is going to have record of the dollar amounts that is in the credit, and if there is a deductible, they are going to apply that kind of behind the scenes and you can check your balance through the Aetna Portal and that will tell you if that money has been used.  The second way you can get the credit is toward membership of the new Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.  That is opening up in January of 2014, and there will be memberships, but if you would like, you can designate your credit to go toward that membership, and if you do $240, depending on the membership that you purchase that can pay all of the membership cost or pretty much the majority of the membership.  For more information about the membership fees, you can visit the student recreational website at

Laura Osterman:      If I choose to apply my credit to the Vanderbilt Recreational Wellness Center, can I change my election during the year and move that credit to the health plan account?

Brad Awalt:             No, you are going to have to designate that credit one time a year and that will be in November, so this year after the Go for the Gold deadline, we are going to be sending a survey through email to those eligible who received the credit and that’s how they will tell us how they want the credit paid out.  The default will be the health plan.  So, if you are okay with the credit going in the health plan, you don’t need to respond to that survey.  You can just let it go and that’s how it will set up, but if you are wanting your credit to go toward the membership of the Rec Center, you will need to respond to that survey and let us know that you want it toward the membership, and probably, that survey will go out to mid November of 2013, so you can look forward to that.

Laura Osterman:      Now, can I split my credit and apply some to the health plan account and some to the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center?

Brad Awalt:             No, you won’t be able to split that up.  You are going to have to designate the entire credit either toward the health plan account or toward the membership of the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.

Laura Osterman:      What about applying my credit toward other fitness centers?

Brad Awalt:             That’s not available for the Go for the Gold.  It only applies to the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.  However, Vanderbilt employees that choose to join a local YMCA will get their enrollment fee waived, and that can be savings of $50 to $100 depending on which membership, and all you have to do is visit Middle Tennessee YMCA and just take maybe a copy of your C2HR paycheck history and they can apply that toward waiving that fee for their membership.

Laura Osterman:      What happens if I am changing from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Aetna?  What happens to my credit if I have a balance there?

Brad Awalt:             The money will roll over if you do have a balance.  It will roll over from one plan to the other.  Now, there is a little bit of a delay and the reason being is for end of the year claims.  They have to make sure that that money is kind of saved for a couple of months to be able to process that toward a late claim.  So, it usually takes several months for that rollover.  Usually by first part of May, that money has rolled over and into the account and usually benefits will communicate to those people that have a balance to kind of give them indication of when that will happen.

Laura Osterman:      So, I should just log in and check that online to track?

Brad Awalt:             Actually, you can go to the Health Plus website.  If you click under Go for the Gold, there will be a screenshot of how you can go to the Aetna portal log in and check your balance online.  It is a very easy process.

Laura Osterman:      Thank you Brad.

Brad Awalt:             Thanks a lot.

Laura Osterman:      Thanks for listening.  Please feel free to leave us any comments on this Wellcast on the form at the bottom of this page.  If you have a story suggestion, please email to us at or you can use the “Contact Us” page on our website at

— end of recording —


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