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Basic Workplace Skills


The American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) and U.S. Department of Labor identified 16 basic skills needed for success in the workplace.

Work/Life Connections-EAP can provide individual coaching or departmental training in several of the 16 skills needed to enhance workplace performance (in bold).

  1. Foundation Skill: Learning how to learn
  2. Reading Competence
  3. Writing Competence
  4. Computation (mathematics) Competence
  5. Communication – Listening (interpersonal skill)
  6. Communication – Oral (verbalize thoughts) (interpersonal skill)
  7. Adaptability: Creative Thinking (and conceptualize)
  8. Adaptability: Problem Solving (and organization)
  9. Personal Management: Self Esteem and Self Care
  10. Personal Management: Goal Setting/Motivation
  11. Personal Management: Personal/Career Development
  12. Group Effectiveness: Interpersonal Skills
  13. Group Effectiveness: Negotiation (resolve conflict)
  14. Group Effectiveness: Teamwork
  15. Influence: Organizational Effectiveness
  16. Influence: Leadership (and shared leadership)

Reference: The Essential Skills Employers Want

If you are interested in skill development training in any of these or other areas, please call 615-936-1327 to discuss how WLC-EAP may assist you or your department. ​

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