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Walking Routes on Campus


Walking is a great way to get exercise…and the Vanderbilt campus is a beautiful place to walk! There are seven walking routes across campus that range from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. Plus there are 1/10th mile markers throughout campus that allow you to customize your own walking route.

  • Vanderbilt Campus Marked Walking Trails
    There are 9 starting points throughout campus and trail markers every 1/10 of a mile. Start at any 1/10th mile marker (emblem with hiker in it). Then, keep track of your distance along any of the marked routes. Continue straight along the main walkway unless arrow markers designate otherwise.
  • Indoor Walking Route 1 – A quick out and back indoor route that takes you from the main elevators in Vanderbilt University Hospital to entrance to Courtyard Cafe – 3-5 minutes
  • Indoor Walking Route 2 – An out and back walking route that takes you from Vanderbilt University Hospital to the Courtyard Cafe with a turnaround at Monroe Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (indoor and outdoor) – 5-7 minutes
  • Indoor Walking Route 3 – An out and back walking route that takes you from the Vanderbilt University Hospital to Monroe Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt (indoor and outdoor) – 8-12 minutes​
  • Walking Route 1 – Approximate 1 mile walk around Peabody Campus – 20 minutes
  • Walking Route 2 – Approximate 1.5 mile Medical Center Campus Loop – 30 minutes
  • Walking Route 3 – Approximate 2 mile walk around Vanderbilt University Campus – 40 minutes
  • Walking Route 4 – One Hundred Oaks Scenic Walking Tour is approximately 1400 steps and takes around 15 minutes

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Starting a Walking Program

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