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TB Skin Test


TB skin tests are provided at no charge to Vanderbilt faculty/staff in multiple locations.

  • Occupational Health Clinic (walk-in)
  • One Hundred Oaks on Thursdays from 8:00 – 11:30
  • It’s Who We Are orientation, and all group orientation events
  • Late Night Cart
  • OHC Comes to You events

Chest x-rays are offered free of charge at the Occupational Health Clinic after positive TB skin test screening and during new employee screening if there is a past history of a positive TB skin test.

Remember, the TB skin test only counts if you have someone read it! Tests should be read 2 to 3 days after they are placed. Any physician, nurse practitioner or TB designee can read your TB skin test. TB designees are specially trained nurses, pharmacists or respiratory therapists who have completed our TB skin testing class. If you do not have access to someone who is qualified to read your skin test, come to the Occupational Health Clinic or any OHC Comes to You event.

Additional information:

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