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Health Plus Wellness Commodores


Wellness Commodores

The Wellness Commodore Program plays an important role in creating a culture of wellness at Vanderbilt. Wellness Commodores lead by example through their enthusiastic commitment to wellness.

Wellness Commodores:

  • Communicate to faculty and staff in their area about Health Plus programs and services, particularly Go for the Gold
  • Help Health Plus staff understand the needs and interests of their department and how we can better serve them
  • Act as a role models for wellness

Wellness Commodores are the first to know of Health Plus happenings, have a positive impact on the culture of wellness within their department, and are recognized by their managers, supervisors, and colleagues for the volunteer work that they do.

The Wellness Commodore program is voluntary and the time commitment is minimal and may vary depending on initiatives each commodore selects. Wellness Commodores initiatives may include: healthy potlucks, lunch-time walks, mindfulness breaks, hosting a Know Your Numbers event, friendly inter-departmental competitions, email newsletters or other communications, and more!

Bridgette Butler, Coordinator of Health Promotion at 615-322-6689:

  • To determine if your department has a Wellness Commodore
  • If you want to become a Wellness Commodore
  • To find out more information about the Wellness Commodore program or for any questions​

Listen to the Wellcast “Get Involved: Wellness Commodores”

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