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Choosing a Pedometer


Pedometers, also known as step counters, are a good tool for you to:

  • find out about your current activity
  • get started with monitoring and increasing your physical activity
  • set personal goals
  • motivate and remind yourself to increase and/or maintain increased activity

What is a “good” pedometer? What should you consider when buying one?

  • accuracy
  • durability
  • reliability
  • easy to use

Effective pedometers have to be:

  • Simple – no need for individual calibration or added features. A single button is best!
  • Inexpensive – the price of a good quality pedometer can vary between $15 and $30. Occasionally, there are reviews of current pedometer models in consumer journals or online.
  • Secure – pedometers can and do fall off! Buy one with a “leash” so that by additionally fastening it to clothing it will stay in place.

Your pedometer measures every step you take. Take a moment to ensure accuracy by following these steps:

  • Clip your pedometer to your waist band or belt, in a line directly above your knee.
  • Be sure it is horizontal to the ground, not angled or dangling from your clothing.
  • Test for accuracy by setting the step counter to zero and walking 50 steps.
  • Check display. If the reading is between 45-55, your step counter is functioning properly. If it reads more or less, reposition the counter on your waist and check it again.

Additional Information

Selecting and Effectively Using a Pedometer

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