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Baby’s Best Start


The following “healthy pregnancy and baby’s best start” tool kit has information to help faculty and staff locate resources offered through Vanderbilt and other reliable sources. You can learn more by clicking on the links in the Healthy Pregnancy and Breastfeeding sections.

Healthy Pregnancy

Resources for Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff

  • Babies and You is a prenatal education program to encourage early and consistent prenatal care.
  • Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health is located at 100 Oaks. Obstetric and gynecological care is offered for women of all ages.
  • West End Women’s Health Center offers health care for healthy women, pregnant and non-pregnant, by Vanderbilt Nurse-Midwives.
  • Vandy Moms is a support network for mothers of all ages in the Vanderbilt community.
  • Baby of Mine Lactation Boutiques offer a variety of products to support breastfeeding.
  • Vanderbilt Resuscitation Program is an authorized American Heart Association training center providing the Heartsaver AED CPR course to Vanderbilt employees and students.
  • Mom’s Milk Club is a support group that meets on Thursdays from 1 – 3 p.m. at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in the Family Resource Center.
  • Baby’s Best Start tool kit has information to help faculty and staff locate resources offered through Vanderbilt and other reliable sources.

Educational Resources

  • My 9 Months Developed by March of Dimes experts, this website gives important information for before, during, and after pregnancy.
  • Healthy Pregnancy The federal government source for information on giving your baby a healthy start.

Planning Your Maternity Leave

  • Applying for maternity leave (Family Medical Leave Act or “FMLA”)
  • Going on maternity leave (FMLA)
  • Using Short-term Disability to pay part of your salary while on maternity leave
  • Human Resources policy on breaks for breastfeeding mothers


Resources for Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff

View lactation rooms, locations, how to access, and room details.  If you have any questions regarding the lactation rooms or would like to add a location, contact Stacey Bonner, Family Services Coordinator, at 936-1990 or

Educational Resources

Additional Resources

  • La Leche League International offers breastfeeding help, information, and resources.
  • Local Tennessee Chapters
  • Books
    • Pregnancy-A New Life Handbook by Vanderbilt Center for Women’s Health
    • The American Association of Pediatrics New Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding
    • The Nursing Mother’s Companion by Kathleen Huggins

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