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Adding Swimming To Your Fitness Routine



  • It burns fat, lowers cholesterol, and builds your heart, lungs, and muscles.
  • It is non-weight bearing and imposes low stress on the bones and joints.
  • It improves cardiovascular conditioning.
  • It is an effective weight-control exercise.
  • It is a form of meditation that helps calm the nerves.
  • It uses most of the major muscle groups, and strengthens both the upper and lower body.


  1. Aim for 30 minutes most days of the week.
  2. Once in the water, start with stretching and warm-up exercises, such as walking through the water or kicking. This gradually speeds your heart rate up and gives muscles and joints a chance to warm up.
  3. Swim laps, alternating different strokes to reduce boredom and to work different muscle groups. Gradually increase and then decrease your intensity.
  4. Try handheld paddles designed to intensify a workout, or add a set of 10 sprints of about 50 yards each, resting 30 seconds between each sprint.
  5. Swim a lap or two at a relaxed pace for a cool-down and then stretch.
  6. Drink plenty of fluids before and after your workout. It’s easy to become dehydrated, even during water workouts.


  • Freestyle – Roll your hips from side to side and keep your nose pointed toward the bottom of the pool, unless breathing.
  • Backstroke – Roll your hips from side to side and keep your nose pointed toward the ceiling.
  • Breaststroke – Put your head down between your arms and glide with your head under water during the kick.
  • Butterfly – Your hips go up as your hands go in.

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