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What is a Healthy Diet?

There are so many diets out there that it can be confusing to know what guidelines and recommendations to follow. Jamie Pope, MS, RD, LDN talks about US and International Dietary Guidelines and how to follow a healthy diet.

The Skinny on Obesity

Dr. John Cleek, Assistant Professor of Medicine with the Vanderbilt Center for Medical Weight Loss talks about healthy weight.

Increase Activity to Improve Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Sergio Fazio, Chief of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at Vanderbilt, tells us the importance of exercise and benefits for cardiovascular health.

Don’t Worry! Health Plus Is Not Closing, Just Moving!

Laura Osterman talks with Health Plus Manager Brad Awalt who shares updates about the Health Plus move. Laura also spoke with Brock Williams who talks about the community atmosphere and amenities in the new Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center.​

Diabetes Prevention: You CAN Reduce Your Risk

Diabetes Prevention: You CAN Reduce Your Risk Dr. Tom Elasy, Director of the Center for Diabetes Tranlational Research and Director of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Public Health, talks with Laura Osterman about diabetes prevention. Additional Resources: Vanderbilt Eskind Diabetes Center American Diabetes Association Juvenile Diabetes Resource Foundation National Diabetes Education Program Begin...

Go for the Gold Wellness Credit

Questions about the Go for the Gold Wellness Credit? Brad Awalt, Assistant Manager of Health Plus has the answers!

Vegging Out With Plant-Based Nutrition

Jessica Bennett, Registered Dietitian with the Vanderbilt Nutrition Clinic talks about vegetarian diets.

Healthy Aging Recommendations

Nic Gonzales and Dr. Jim Powers, Associate Professor of Medicine, Geriatric Medicine discuss healthy aging recommendations, screenings, and resources.

Thinking of Trying A Juice Cleanse?

Vanderbilt Dietetic Interns Nicole Famularo and Stephanie Murico sat down with Nic Gonzales to discuss the new fad of juice cleansing.

High Blood Pressure? Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic Can Help

High blood pressure increases risk for stroke and heart disease. Dr. Cheryl Laffer, Director of Vanderbilt Hypertension Clinic, discusses disease prevalence and how the Hypertension Clinic can provide services to help.

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