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Are You Prepared for Your Office Visit?

Listen to this Wellcast for some quick tips on how to prepare for your upcoming visit with your health care provider.

Flu Vaccine Still Available after Flulapalooza III

Vanderbilt Faculty and Staff! Check out what Occupational Health has planned for the 2013 Flu Campaign.

Flulapalooza Is Coming!

Flulapalooza Is Coming! In cooperation with the Department of Emergency Preparedness, the Occupational Health Clinic kicks off the 2011-2012 flu season campaign with Flulapalooza on October 12th.  Vanderbilt needs to test its mass vaccination plan and the Flulapalooza event is an effort to get everyone on board. Dinah Tichenor, Registered Nurse with Occupational Health, discusses this event in which Vanderbilt...

Got Flu? Use the OHC Flu Tool!

Vanderbilt faculty and staff may use the Occupational Health Flu Tool for guidance regarding possible symptoms or exposure to Influenza.

Hepatitis B

Anyone who is at risk for contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials is strongly encouraged to receive the hepatitis B vaccine series.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Occupational Health offers Hepatitis B Vaccine free of charge to Vanderbilt employees who are exposed to human blood.

Immunization Awareness: Myths and Facts

Teera Wilkins sits down with Dr. Kathryn Edwards and Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Williams to discuss the importance of vaccinations.

Immunizations and Religion

Information about religious beliefs and vaccines.

Influenza (Flu)

Influenza (flu) is a viral infection of the throat, bronchial tubes, nose, and lungs. It is recommended by the CDC that everyone older than 6 months should receive an annual flu vaccine.

Influenza Peer Vaccination Program

This program allows Medical Center faculty and staff designate a person in your department to vaccinate coworkers.

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