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Back Injuries: Do Back Belts Help?

Dr. NK Singh discusses with Teera why back belts offer a false sense of security and how it's better to do core strengthening instead. Dr. Singh is the an Assistant Professor at Vanderbilt Orthopedics Sports Medicine.

Departmental Ergonomic Evaluations

A supervisor or manager over the department can request for an ergonomic consultation to be done for the department.

Ergonomic Self-Conducted Workstation Evaluation

The Ergonomics Program is here to help you work in comfort and safety! Ergonomics is the science of fitting workplace conditions and job demands to the ability of the worker. The use of ergonomic practices in the workplace can: increase your comfort lessen the chance of an injury make your job easier You can conduct your...

Increase Your Workstation Activity!

A discussion about risks associated with a sedentary office environment.

Individual Ergonomic Evaluation

If you have completed the self-conducted workstation evaluation but are still having trouble with your workstation, or if your provider thinks you need individual attention, we offer individual ergonomic evaluations conducted at your workplace.

Maturing Workforce

How to utilize the assets and address the concerns of a maturing workforce.

Mobile Device Ergonomics

Wilma Traughber, RN, MSN and Ergonomist, offers tips on how to safely talk, text and check emails from any mobile device.

Protecting Our Nurses and Care Givers Through Safe Patient Handling

This Wellcast has great insight and tips to help care givers and nurses lessen their risk of causing an injury when moving a patient.

Smooth Moves Safe Patient Handling Program

The Smooth Moves Patient Handling Program at Vanderbilt Medical Center is a comprehensive program designed to prevent musculoskeletal injuries in nurses and other caregivers from patient handling and movement. The program also monitors the effects of those injuries on the bedside caregivers and the institution. The Smooth Moves program includes: Policies to support eliminating or...