Health and Wellness


Men & Depression

Work-Life Connections clinicians, Ellen Clark, LCSW, and Chad Buck, Ph.D., discuss the phenomenon of depression in men, why they are underserved, and ways that they can reach out for help.

Men’s Health Matters with Derek Griffith

June is Men's Health Month. Learn about why men's health matters.

Mental Health America

Tom Starling, CEO of Mental Health America, discusses recent trends in mental health, and how his agency supports local education for young people and serves as a clearing house for local mental health resources.

LGBTI Focus on Mental Health

Jesse Erhenfeld discusses LGBTI Mental Health.

Pain and Mental Health

​Physical pain and mental wellness.

Having Difficult Conversations: The Risks and Benefits of Conflict

​Stephanie Dean, LPC, CEAP, Clinical Counselor and Assistant Manager of WLC, discusses why conflict is so difficult and the risks and benefits of having difficult conversations

Eating Out Made Easy

Get the healthy scoop on healthy dining when eating out.

Don’t Lose Sleep Over Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Stephanie Townsend talks to sleep medicine expert Dr. Raghu Upender about obstructive sleep apnea.

Colonoscopies Through The Eyes of a Physician and Patient

Dr. Mary Yarbrough, Director of Health and Wellness: Occupational Health Clinic, Work-Life Connections EAP and Health Plus, discusses colon health from the perspective of both a physician and patient.

Dietary and Lifestyle Considerations to Reduce Risk of Colo-rectal Cancer

There are lots of things you can do to reduce your risk for colon cancer at any age. Learn more about how dietary and lifestyle factors play a role.

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