Health and Wellness

Vaccines and Other Injections

Allergy Shots

The Occupational Health Clinic is available to administer the maintenance dose of your allergy shots.

Easy Reader TB Skin Testing eTool

Use this online tool to document TB skin test results.

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Occupational Health offers Hepatitis B Vaccine free of charge to Vanderbilt employees who are exposed to human blood.

Influenza Peer Vaccination Program

This program allows Medical Center faculty and staff designate a person in your department to vaccinate coworkers.

Influenza Vaccine Program

Occupational Health Clinic offers yearly flu vaccine to all Vanderbilt faculty and staff free of charge. For employees convenience Occupational Health provides onsite and offsite services.

Meningitis Vaccine

Meningitis vaccine is not a mandatory vaccine for all employees. The faculty or staff that are required to have this vaccine will see this vaccine in their HWIP profile.

MMR Vaccine

OHC provides MMR vaccine at a variety of locations to help VUMC faculty and staff meet their vaccine requirements.

Off-site VMG Clinic Immunization Policy

Occupational Health has a online TB skin test administration log for off-site clinics. All new hires should attend It's Who We Are and participate in the health screening provided there.

OHC Comes to You

OHC brings services to faculty and staff who work nights, weekends and off site.

Rabies Vaccine

Rabies vaccination is recommended as a preventive measure for people who work with a rabies-prone species. After an exposure, everyone needs rabies shots, but people who were previously vaccinated only need 2 instead of 4.

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