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Occupational Health Clinic

New Workers’ Comp Guide Helps Workers, Managers

Do you have questions about Workers' Comp? This guide's for you.

Hand Hygiene: Good For You and Your Patient

Find why washing your hands is so important to your health.

Increase Your Workstation Activity!

A discussion about risks associated with a sedentary office environment.

Hepatitis B vaccine a lifesaver for healthcare workers

Since the advent of routine hepatitis B vaccination for healthcare workers, cases of occupational infection have plummeted.  To find out if you need this important vaccine series, log in to your Health and Wellness Information Portal and check your Occupational Health Status.  If you need a vaccine, it will be noted there.  Protect yourself today!​

Should You Crank Up the Volume to 11?

Should You Crank Up the Volume to 11? Ever come back from a concert with ringing in your ears?  Do you crank up the volume on your iPod to drown out noise?  In order to keep the rhythm going into your golden years, hearing conservation is a must now.  Emma Mills speaks with Mark Bogard, Senior...

Quit Rx

The Occupational Health Clinic Quit Rx Program offers counseling and treatment services for smokers ready to give up smoking.

Animal Allergy Questionnaire

The animal allergy questionnaire and the allergy screening declination form can be found on this page. The animal allergy questionnaire is given to people who work with animals and have a risk of developing occupational allergies.

Allergy Shots

The Occupational Health Clinic is available to administer the maintenance dose of your allergy shots.


Instructions for employees and their supervisors on how to file FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) paperwork. Filing for FMLA allows qualified employees to take up to 12 weeks of leave for serious health conditions.

Formaldehyde Program

People who work with formaldehyde or embalmed specimens receive annual health monitoring and are enrolled in a respiratory protection program.

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