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Manager’s Flu FAQs

Keep your team as healthy as possible and know what to do when the flu hits you with Manager’s Flu Facts:

Q: My employee has flu symptoms – what should I do?

A: For guidance on treatment and work status, you can direct employees to use the flu tool. As a rule of thumb, if they have a fever (over 100.4F) and respiratory symptoms, they should not be at work.

Q: My employee has been out with the flu. When can s/he return?

A: When they have had no fever for 24 hrs., without using fever-reducing medicine.

Q: Should my employee be tested for flu?

A: Testing is not necessary for the outpatient management of flu-like illness. The guidelines for working with flu-like illness apply whether the virus is proven to be influenza or not. There are many other respiratory viruses that can cause influenza like illness.

Q: Should my employee be treated with antivirals?

A: Treatment decisions should be between the employee and his/her healthcare provider. Antiviral treatment is only recommended for people at high risk of flu complications for hospitalization. In studies, antiviral treatment only shortens the duration of the illness by about 1/2 day.

Q: If my employee wants to see a medical provider, where can I send them?

A: We do encourage patients to contact their PCP’s office first, whenever feasible. Often their PCP can see them or advise them over the phone. Occupational Health offers walk-in visits at our Faculty/Staff Express Care, 7:30am – 2:00pm, M-F, and we also see employees for scheduled sick visits at our main clinic at 6:40 Medical Arts. Employees can call 6-0955 for assistance.

Q: Can my employee get a sick note from OHC?

A: No, sick notes are not required under Vanderbilt policy. Sick notes do not erase an occurrence.

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