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Rabies Vaccine

Animal caretakers and veterinarians in the Division of Animal Care, as well as research staff who have potential exposure to animals at risk for rabies, are required to participate in the Occupational Health Clinic (OHC) Rabies immunization and surveillance program.

Preventive Vaccination

Rabies vaccine is offered to faculty and staff who have potential exposure to rabies. The vaccine series consists of 3 doses given at day 0, 7, and 21 or 28. At 2 year intervals, blood work is done to ensure that protection is enough; a booster shot is given if needed.

Vaccination After an Exposure

For persons who are not immunized against rabies, exposure treatment consists of local wound management followed by a dose of human rabies immune globulin. Up to half the dose is infiltrated at the site of the bite wound (if feasible) and the rest is given intramuscularly (gluteus). At the same time, a one (1) ml dose of Human Diploid Cell Vaccine (HDCV) is given intramuscularly (deltoid) and is repeated at days 3,7, and 14 after the first dose for a total of four doses.

Individuals who have received pre-exposure vaccine will need to get two booster doses of HDV – one immediately following the exposure incident, and the other three days later. Rabies immune globulin should not be given in this case.

For further information regarding rabies, you may call the Occupational Health Clinic at 936-0955, the Division of Animal Care at 322-2231, or visit the Resource Library for general information on our animal and OHSA programs.

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