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New Employee Screening

Welcome to Vanderbilt! Occupational Health is here to help you stay healthy and safe at work.

New employee screening is performed by the Occupational Health Clinic to ensure that all faculty/staff who are working in the Medical Center have the appropriate immunizations and screenings. This evaluation is based on requirements stated in VUMC’s Immunization and TB Skin Testing policies.

Who needs it? All Medical Center faculty, staff, and housestaff.

Where can I get it? New employee screening is offered at various orientation events* throughout the year, including:

  • Through July 2015: It’s Who We Are (during new staff orientation)
  • Starting August 2015: All Aboard! (special event for new staff prior to orientation)
  • Housestaff Orientation
  • New Faculty Orientation
  • Nurse Residency Orientation

*If you cannot attend one of these events, call the Occupational Health Clinic at (615) 936-0955 for an appointment.

If you have an electronic copy of your records, you can upload them securely (by noon the Friday before your health screening) and save time!

What are the requirements? Each contagious disease below has specific requirements. Unless otherwise noted, we require official documentation of all vaccines, labs and Xrays. New employees who have not had the required services will receive these services at no charge during their new employee screening.

TB Testing – New employees need two tuberculin skin tests during the 12 months prior to hire date, and one of them needs to be within 3 months of hire. If you’ve had a positive TB skin test before, we’ll need a chest x-ray within 6 months of your hire date. Complete the TB Screening Questionnaire if you have ever had a positive (abnormal) TB skin test.

Varicella – We accept proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox) via a positive IgG blood test or documentation of two doses of varicella vaccine. Had chickenpox as a child? We believe you, and we believe your mom, but we still need the blood test!

Rubella – Everyone needs proof of immunity to rubella (German measles.) That could be one immunization for rubella (like an MMR) or a positive rubella IgG blood test. Only vaccines given after your first birthday count!

Measles – If you were born before 1957, we have good news! There’s no way you survived childhood without getting exposed to measles, so we assume you are immune. All spring chickens born in 1957 or later need two immunizations for measles, like the MMR (and they need to be at least one month apart, given after your first birthday.) Alternatively we’ll accept a positive measles IgG blood test.

Mumps – Another bonus for those born before 1957 – you’re assumed to be immune to mumps too! If you were born in 1957 or later, you’ll need one mumps immunization (such as, big surprise, an MMR).

Hepatitis B – The hepatitis B vaccine is offered to employees whose jobs place them at risk of exposure to blood, body fluid, or human tissue. Vaccination is strongly encouraged. Those who decline this vaccination must sign a declination statement to that effect.

Tell me about “All Aboard!”

Starting August 4, 2015, All Aboard! will be held every Tuesday afternoon at the Vanderbilt Recreation and Wellness Center. New staff who are scheduled to attend orientation are encouraged to attend All Aboard! to obtain any health services they need to start work. Services are provided at no charge for confirmed new hires who are scheduled for VUMC orientation.

In addition to the requirements listed above, this is a great opportunity to learn more about your health, find a primary care provider, and check out the beautiful fitness facilities available to you as a Vanderbilt employee! The event is designed to be fun and flexible, to meet your needs.

Here’s the skinny:

  • Parking is free in Lot 75A, at the corner of Blakemore (31st) Avenue and Natchez Trace. Follow the sidewalk signs to All Aboard. There is no fee or permit required to park in this lot during this event.
  • If you have records you weren’t able to upload by Friday noon, just bring them with you and one of our friendly nurses will review them in person.
  • Recommended arrival times:
    • Last names A through J, arrive between 1 and 2pm
    • Last names K through S, arrive between 2 and 3pm
    • Last names T through Z, arrive between 3 and 4 pm
  • It’s fantastic if you can arrive in the recommended timeframes above, as it helps ensure good flow for everyone. But if you need to come at a different time, no sweat! Just come whenever you can between 1 and 4.
  • We recommend coming on the Tuesday just before your orientation, to give you time to upload records and for us to review them beforehand. However, if you’ve received your orientation confirmation early and want to attend sooner, you are welcome to come on an earlier Tuesday.
  • If you cannot attend an All Aboard! event before your orientation day, please call us at 615-936-0955 as early as possible so we can make alternate arrangements for your screening.

Remember, you can upload your records (by noon the Friday before your health screening) to save time!

Additional information:

VUMC Immunization Policy
VUMC TB Skin Testing Policy
The N-95 Respirator Fit-Testing Program

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