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Health Plus Wellness Commodores

What is a Wellness Commodore?
A Wellness Commodore is a liaison between their work department and Health Plus. Commodores know their colleagues and can have an advantage in motivating them to make healthy changes.

What is in it for me?
Being the first to know of the current Health Plus happenings, having a positive impact on the culture of wellness within your department, recognized by your managers and supervisors in the volunteer work that you do, and having colleagues acknowledge you as a leader in wellness.

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment varies according to each department. It is recommended that the Wellness Commodore commits anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes each month.

How long must I commit to being a Wellness Commodore?
Health Plus requests a one-year commitment.

Are there meetings I must attend?
There will be an annual orientation meeting.

How often do I communicate with Health Plus?
Communication is an important part of the program. There will be a correspondence email each month. The emails will keep you up-to-date on upcoming programs at Health Plus and any other information regarding the Wellness Commodore Program. In addition, you may contact us with any questions or concerns or ideas you have at any time.

Where do I pick up flyers or posters to distribute?
Flyers will be emailed to you, so that they can be printed and hung in your department.

What is my role in program planning?
Wellness Commodores have the opportunity to provide feedback about programs. The information will be used to help improve future programs. In addition, Wellness Commodores are encouraged to share any brainstorming ideas that they may have. Lastly, Commodores will play a role in recruiting colleagues in their department to enroll in the various programs offered by Health Plus.

What happens if I feel that I can not fill my duties as a Wellness Commodore for my department?
If for any reason you feel that you are unable to fill your duties as a Wellness Commodore, contact the ‘Health Plus direct liaison’ and let the liaison know of this change and we will be able to help you make arrangements for stepping down from your position.

For additional questions and concerns contact:
Direct Liaison: Laura Osterman, Health Promotion Coordinator, Health Plus -322-6689.

If you would like to be a Wellness Commodore for your department, contact Health Plus.

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